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Health Benefits of Spa Therapy

Spa therapy is includes some of the following therapies like massage treatment, hearb therapy and aroma therapy, color therapy, water therapy, facial therapy, yoga nail care,etc. spa therapies are found in all four corners of the world. best spa center in south Delhi green park. spa in green park. call 011-40392431

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Health Benefits of Spa Therapy

  1. Spa therapy offers various health benefits like revitalizing your tired body, reviving your mind and energizing your spirit. It also helps reduce the intensity of symptoms of following diseases:
    1. Benefits of Spa Therapy in Controlling Hypertension –

      Some of the spa therapy like massage and herb therapy helps to improve in blood circulation and lowers blood pressure.

    2. Health Benefits of Spa Therapy in Treating Muscle Spasm –

      Massage therapy and water treatment helps to decrease muscle spasm. Pain and stiffness are some of the symptoms of muscle spasm and massage helps in loosening the muscle and relieving the pain.

    3. Anxiety –

      Spa Therapy like Massage and Aromatherapy relieves anxiety thereby providing mental health benefits.

    4. Spa Therapy as a Stress Buster–

      Stress can be a form of physical stress or mental stress. Spa therapy like massage plays a significant role in providing relief from physical stress. Massage helps relax your tired muscle. Massage helps improve blood circulation and aids in reducing pain.

    5. As for the health benefits of spa therapy for mental stress, massage, aromatherapy, aqua therapy and herb therapy plays a positive role in reducing mental stress, relaxing the mind, helps overcome depression, and promotes a good sleep which is important if one has to de-stress.
    6. Spa Therapy Helps Build the Immune System –

      Massage and herb therapy improves function of immune system.

    7. Myofascial Pain –

      Spa therapies like massage treatment, aqua therapy and aromatherapy reduces muscular pain and inflammation of sore muscles.

    8. Fibromyalgia –

      Massage treatment, aqua therapy and aromatherapy reduces muscular pain and inflammation of sore muscles.

    9. Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis –

      Aqua therapy and massage treatment decreases musculoskeletal pain cause by rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

    10. Headache –

      Aromatherapy, herb treatment and aqua therapy decreases intensity of headache.

    11. Diabetes –

      Massage treatment and aqua therapy improves carbohydrate metabolism and reduced blood level of sugar in diabetic patients.

    12. Raynaud’s Disease –

      Spa therapies like massage therapy, aqua treatment and aromatherapy reduces osseous pain in patient suffering with Raynaud’s disease.

    13. Multiple Sclerosis –

      Massage therapy and aqua therapy relegate Multiple Sclerosis pain, lessen muscle spasm and marginally improves joint movements.

    14. Heart Diseases –

      Spa therapy improves cardiac functions by reducing peripheral vascular resistance.

    15. Pelvic Pain Syndrome –

      Massage therapy, yoga treatment and aqua therapy which are all different forms of Spa Therapy helps to reduce pelvic sympathetic pain by improving pelvic blood flow and tolerance to pain.

    16. Sciatica Pain –

      Spa therapies like yoga, massage therapy and aqua therapy decreases back and leg pain. Therapy also helps to strengthen back muscles and improves vertebral joint movements. Deep tissue massage in quite helpful in treating piriformis syndrome.